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Chat is becoming the norm

Chatbots are a tool of the future because they are based on realities that are already present.

The entire world is messaging

"Messaging applications have surpassed social networks".

(source: Companies, BI INtelligence)

A new form of immediate interaction

It encourages consumers to have a new type of conversation with the brand, that if done correctly, the conversation becomes regular.

The conversations are social in nature

Part of the success of our strategy depends on being in the places where our audience is and that we know how to adapt to the context.

Advances faster than mobile disruption

"More than 93% of the content generated by brands in social networks are talks".

(source: IAB Spain)

Why chatbots?

Bots are a way of introducing one-on-one marketing into your business strategy. This means that your brand can talk to millions of people in a direct and personalized way, and also in a nearby and expanding environment, such as social networking. But in addition, the applications of the chatbots are many and varied and adapt to the needs of the sector of your company.


Opens new channels of communication and sales of products.

Sports & Games

Involve your fans like never before with news, highlights, information, results, events, and more.


Enable your customers to chat quickly and easily to perform searches, reservations ...


Prepare notifications for upcoming events, special offers.


Locations, tips, appointments, recommendations, best practices.


Share information about your company, interact with your users in an instant way.

The drivers for change

Start bringing more customers to your business. Artificial intelligence applied to marketing and customer experience.

Place your business where your users are

Users can chat with chatbots directly and quickly. It is a non invasive marketing strategy, because the user is the one who initiates the communication and does it in an environment that is familiar to him, where he already interacts with his friends.

Provides added value

The chatbots allow your company to offer a better service, pointer and optimized for the new generations of consumers.

Give each customer what they are looking for

With the chatbots, resources and time are not lost in offering general products to general publics. With them, each user gets what they are looking for, achieving greater customization that translates into greater conversions for your company.

Give your company more personality and closeness

Trademark identity is traditionally transmitted to users through unidirectional avenues, such as advertising. However, chatbots open a new path that allows your company to become a 'living', close and with its own personality.

Tell Us About Your Business

Our team of BoostUp we will design and implement the chatbot that best suits the needs of your company and its activity.

Where you can connect with your Users?

Chatbots can be integrated into the main applications with a messaging space, such as Messenger, Skype or Twitter, with billions of active users every day.


This real-time messaging and file-sharing application is team-oriented, allowing you to join all the communications in one place.

Facebook Messenger

With more than 900 million active users, Messenger is a messaging platform with multiple uses, both personal and professional.


Skype is one of the most used applications in the world and offers an easy and agile way of communication. Millions of people and companies exchange ideas through it every day.

Cisco Spark

Unite in one platform all the forms of communication necessary for teamwork within the professional environment: messaging, videoconferencing, file exchange ...


With 300 million users in 230 countries, Kik is a smartphone messaging app that shares more than 2.5 million links to companies websites daily.


Messages, voice and video and a wide variety of animations make Line one of the most popular messaging apps in the world with more than 600 million users worldwide.


Telegram is a successful mobile and desktop messaging application based on the Cloud and focused on the speed and security of your communications.

Amazon Alexa

This personal assistant developed by Amazon allows to do multiple tasks: from informing about traffic or time to scheduling activities, to performing actions, such as sending emails.

Microsoft Cortana

The Microsoft Virtual Assistant is present on many devices, as it comes preconfigured on most Windows computers as an OS.

Twilio SMS

This application facilitates the sending of SMS simplifying its development and automating its diffusion process.


This social network receives more than 313 million visits a day from all over the world.

Connect with your Users in the right way

Choose the platforms that best suit your needs.


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